AWS Event Engine

You will be using AWS Event Engine to access your team’s AWS account and any other resources that you will use to complete this workshop. Each team of two will have one AWS account. You will recieve a team hash from the AWS team running the event which will allow you access to Event Engine.

  1. Log in to Event Engine at and enter your team hash. You will be taken to the Event Engine dashboard.

  2. Create a team name! This can be anything (appropriate) that you want. Be creative!

  3. You can open the AWS Management Console to access the AWS account provided to your team by selecting the AWS Console button.

There is an Amazon SageMaker notebook already pre-provisioned in this account for you. Continue on in the workshop to learn more about what this includes.

This workshop only works in US East (North Virginia) Region, which is us-east-1. Please make sure you are always working in this region.