Download new notebooks

  • Once the tutorial is done, there will be a second zip file released to the workshop. Instructions to download this file will be in Event Engine.

  • Go to the Event Engine dashboard if you are not already there:

  • Look for Module 2 Outputs. There will be a new command you have to run in the Terminal to download the files.

  • To open the terminal, go to the SageMaker dashboard, select New at the top rigth corner and choose Terminal shown below:

  • Follow the instructions on the Event Engine dashboard to download and unzip the new files. The instructions will give you a new command to run in the terminal.

  • This will contain two new SageMaker notebooks - one for you and one for your teammate. Both notebooks are exactly the same.

  • You can choose to divide and conquer. You can both work individually on two separate notebooks, or brainstorm together on one notebook if you wish.

  • These two notebooks will be used for scenarios 1, 2, 3 and 4.